Sometimes on a road trip, your favorite music just doesn't cut it. You've heard all of these songs hundreds of times, and the movie playing in the back isn't what the kids asked for. You're going to have to go old-fashioned for entertainment. Not the radio, not a cassette tape….

A road trip game.

You probably remember several road trip games growing up. A good game can turn hours into what seems like minutes. Read below John Hirsch's Cambridge Motors' two favorite road trip games.

I Spy - A mainstay in the world of road trip gaming, "I Spy" is unrivaled when it comes to longevity. But maybe you need to be refreshed. Whoever is "it" must pick an object easily in view of participants. Whoever is "it" then gives a clue about whatever they picked that starts with "I spy with my little eye something…" Other participants must guess what that item is.

20 Questions - 20 Questions is a close cousin to I Spy. When playing 20 Questions, whoever is it picks anything in the entire world. It can be a person, place, idea, song, dog breed, color, whatever. Other people in the car have a collective 20 questions to narrow down options and guess what whoever is "it" is thinking of.  

These games will melt the hours away in no time. Happy trails!

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