‘Tis the season. We expect great food, great company and lot of snow! Living in Minnesota you become accustomed to the snowy winters. However, it can take a moment to transition into “winter mode.” Especially if you really lived it up this summer!

Don’t worry. John Hirsch's Cambridge Motors has your back. We want to make sure you are prepared for snow. There is always a great debate around what is “the best” for your tires. Do you put snow tires on or will snow chains do the job?

As famous writer William Shakespeare once said, “Snow Tires or Chains? That is the question.” Okay, so he didn’t famously ask THAT question. None the less, we want to answer it for you!

Snowchains 101

Snow chains have been used for decades to keep vehicles on the road. They are cheaper than purchasing snow tires, and they provide you with deep traction in a heavy snow. They also prove to be very useful in remote areas or in smaller towns where plowing doesn’t happen as quickly as you would hope.

The negative sides of relying on chains for your vehicle is that they are incredibly inconvenient to take on and off. You can’t drive over 20 MPH, and they can damage your vehicle, driveway and tires if you dont drive on snow.

Snow Tires 101

Snow tires can seem pricey. Buying tires in general tends to seems that way. However, if you put them on at the beginning of winter and off at the end, they can be on a worthwhile investment. If you take care of snow tires, they can last for years.

You can buy tires that fit your vehicle perfectly that will not damage your vehicle. You also don’t have to take them off on days where there is not a lot of snow. People who have any type of commute should really consider buying snow tires.

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