We are not quite sure how or when it happened, however over the years when all of the deicer and salt has been sold out from the local store, we have somehow gathered that cat litter can also do the trick! How we learned this? No one can be sure. Does it work? Let’s find out!

What do you use cat litter for?

For traction! Cat litter can be used to help gain traction when your tires are in a sludgy mess. Just pour some down where your tires are, and drive away!

*Cat litter can be heavy, and by keeping the bag in your trunk it will add extra weight to your vehicle and add some support when you're driving on the ice.  

Does it melt ice?

Not really. Cat litter is great for traction but does not melt the ice. Good old fashion salt will still work best. In fact, we highly recommend that you don’t use cat litter in your driveway because it’s actually extremely inconvenient when spring arrives. Often times unless you are diligent about cleaning your driveway, the cat litter can melt and become stuck to your cement when it warms up. You’ll be left with globs of wet gum like clay stuck to your driveway.

Pack up the family and go have fun! Before you do head off, make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape to keep your family safe during this white winter.

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